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Act like a local
There’s only 20,000 people
living within the old city walls (an extra 100.000 live outside the walls). That means that on really busy days, there’s more tourists here than locals. Funny enough, most locals still likes tourists. But nothing wrong with at least trying to act local ;)
Get Lost
Intentionally take a wrong turn and just go with it. Some of the small streets are just as pretty as the big tourist magnets. Besides: Bruges is quite small, so you will always find your way back.
All over the map you’ll see hearts.
Bruges is the perfect kissing city indeed. But keep some for nighttime: when the dark sets in and the stars come out, you’ll REALLY experience the romance of our beautiful city.
Watch out for horse carriages.
Most horses don’t know the traffic rules.
Don't overpay for your beer
If you drink in a bar and you’re paying more than € 2,30 for a regular pils beer, you’re probably in the wrong place, being ripped off. Same for waffles: € 2,50 for a regular waffle is a good price. If you’re asked € 7: run!
Women’s rights are important.
Guys buy rounds of beer, and so do the girls. Always ask what your friends would like to drink, or you will end up tipsy but lonely.
Sounds of the city
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When to come
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