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Act like a local
There’s only 20,000 people
living within the old city walls (an extra 100.000 live outside the walls). That means that on really busy days, there’s more tourists here than locals. Funny enough, everybody still likes tourists. So no mean anti-tourist propaganda, like you see popping up in Berlin, for example. We love you, for putting us on the world map.
Get Lost
Intentionally take a wrong turn and just go with it. Some of the small streets are just as pretty as the big tourist magnets. Besides: Bruges is quite small, so you will always find your way back.
All over the map you’ll see hearts.
Bruges is the perfect kissing city indeed. But keep some for nighttime: when the dark sets in and the stars come out, you’ll REALLY experience the romance of our beautiful city.
Watch out for horse carriages.
Most horses don’t know the traffic rules.
Don't overpay for your beer
If you drink in a bar and you’re paying more than € 2,30 for a regular pils beer, you’re probably in the wrong place, being ripped off. Same for waffles: € 2,50 for a regular waffle is a good price. If you’re asked € 7: run!
Women’s rights are important.
Guys buy rounds of beer, and so do the girls. Always ask what your friends would like to drink, or you will end up tipsy but lonely.
Sounds of the city
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When to come
24Nov 2017Christmas Market
(Until 02 Jan 2018)
Christmas dinners are all about eating and drinking too much. And Christmas markets in Belgium aren’t that different actually. So drink some gluhwein (hot wine), have a sausage, get a beer, try some sweets and by now you should be getting the hang of it. Merry Christmas!
DuringApr 2018More Music!
Is a collaboration between Cactus Music center and the Bruges Concert hall. This weird mixture makes More Music a diverse festival. With live music, spoken word, electronic and multimedia projects it tries to trigger you sonically and visually. Last year's line-up included artists like Robert Henke, Yves De Mey and SX among others.
18Apr 2018Moov = World Movies
(Until 26 Apr 2018)
World movie festival in a cosy arthouse cinema in the centre of Bruges. No popcorn!
10May 2018Holy Blood Procession
On the day of the Holy Ascension, the whole city is out on the streets. The Blood of Jesus is the holiest relic in Belgium, and once a year it leaves the Holy Blood crypt to be carried around in a procession. People dress up like Roman soldiers and Jesus and the saints, and only the good kids can come along. The Holy Blood procession is a holy event, but in Belgium this especially means lots of eating and drinking.

DuringJun 2018Feest in’t park
An alternative music festival with world music, street theatre, alternative workshops and food from all over the world. This day filled with Mambo, Rhythm & Blues, Afro, Boogaloo, Balkan, Oriental, Bollywood, Rock ’n Roll, Jazz, Forro, Cumbia, Salsa Is surely a good occasion to get your dancing shoes out.
DuringJul 2018FilmOpHetStrand
(Until end of Aug)
Bring your biggest beach towel and a nice picnic basket because in July & August you can watch movies on the beach. It’s not in the centre of Bruges, but if it’s nice weather, the beach is the best cinema there is. And if you get tired of the movie, you can watch the sea or the sunset.
DuringJul 2018Big Flea Market
These markets, right next to the station, are rrreally big and well-known all over Belgium. No rich antique sellers, just people selling their old stuff. Best place for a 3D-Viewmaster, a yoghurt machine, a local comic and an old Bowie record.
DuringJul 2018Cactus Festival
Ah festival summer! Sitting on the grass, while sipping some beer and listening to sweet sounds. The cozy alternative vibe of Cactus Festival brings the people of Bruges together. Last year's line-up included Jamie Lidell, Richard Ashcroft, Kaiser Chiefs and Explosions In The Sky.
DuringJul 2018Moods Festival
(Until end of Aug)
Daily indoor and outdoor concerts on historical locations, with a mix of alternative, classical and world music. Some evenings there are even DJs on the Burg and Markt square. If you need to pick one day, make it the last day of the festival, as it’s a climax of dancing and loud fun all over the city. Most outdoor concerts for free. Last year Balkan Beat Box, Melanie De Biasio, C.W. Stoneking and more came over.
DuringSep 2018Jazz Brugge
(Until end of Oct)
Every two years, in early October, Bruges becomes a mecca of European jazz. Ever since its first edition, Jazz Brugge has resolutely chosen for European jazz. Its focus is always on the adventurous and the contemporary. Last time, audiences were served up some twenty top European ensembles like Paolo Fresu Devil Quartet, Renaud Garcia-Fons "La Linea Del Sur" or Graewe-Reijseger-Hemingway, in three different venues. For full line-up and more info, check their site.
DuringOct 2018Razor Reel Flanders Film Festival
This film festival in the heart of Bruges will definitely satisfy fans of fantasy, thrillers, horror and co. With a selection ranging from mainstream to camp, be sure to bring some popcorn. Lectures, conferences, workshops and international guests included too. The programme isn't online yet, check back soon.
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